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Speck City Shares ‘Your Face is Turning Blue’. “Feels like things are just getting started.”

There’s something about this version of Kristianne Bautista’s solo project SPECK CITY that is becoming and gooey and unapologetically exciting. The voice of this ‘wild-child’ is the anchor for this delectable price of sheer surf-psyche-rock that eternally has evolved into something utterly enigmatic.

From the swooping wings of the single ‘Your Face Is Turning Blue’ you get the sense of that black-on-purple darkness – a brooding recompense for deeds done and un-done. The contrasts lies in the hemispheric bridging between pop of a like an Amy Winehouse, then add a stream of seasoning from the proto-punk days, and you can Speck City.

‘Your Face Is Turning Blue’ is a song that exists, but doesn’t.

It lies in its own vat of liquid reluctance, spanking that naughty out of the saddle, healing to the sounds of a reckoning.

Jazz, hiphop, post-punk, etcetera – Kristianne’s new EP is one that should be examined closer.

By you. By us.

We’ll wait to see what Kistianne’s plans will be during and after her attendance at California Institute of the Arts.

Feels like things are just getting started.



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