Speedway drops ‘Casino Town’. Available now.

We believe Hank Richardson is Speedway, and Speedway is part of a label named Suitors Club. And it’s a circle of mother-shuckin’ glorious and universal pact. Speedway’s Casino Town is the LP. It is wickedly odd, cerebrally nihilist, and certainly brings the waves of transcendental ‘what-the-f*ck-ism’.

It’s just fab.

The 8 song LP dynamo of short songs, long tempers, Hawaiian shirts, and trash talking youngsters – makes sense to what we always call it ‘sensible spacial integrities’. However, the foundation shakes a bit, and it might tumble down. But there is Hank again, saying “No way Jose. This is my turf. The plastic kind. Not the real grass kind.”

Whatever that means, Hank.

Listen to the whole album in Whole. One by one. It’s a chant, towards, what you deem abnormal – but it’s normal as heck.

It tickles that part of the musical brain.

Hank Richardson also probably owns and operates the label Suitors Club Records. We’re not sure. But pretty sure. Well, he does.

Kudos Hank. Kudos.

FYI. He loves Roy Orbison. Who doesn’t?


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