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Spencer Hendricks // Boys Noize + Francis and the Lights // Space Above // Starcrawler // archmotors

Spencer Hendricks – Newport

“I wrote this song about a girl I had ended things with. I knew it was for the best but was still haunted by the good in the relationship. It was a tough one to write, I’ve never been so open in a song.” The Cleveland born, Los Angeles residing artist takes notions of romance and makes it his own. With vibrant undertones living and breathing in his vocals, the young artist take you on a small journey whenever he sings to your heart’s desire. he takes living and living life to the fullest as a promise. It’s hard, but he knows deep inside, it can be done. So songwriting is an integral part of the regimen. And we’re glad that’s the case. Look for more from the up and comer.

Boys Noize + Francis and the Lights – Why Not?

A spontaneous studio session between BOYS NOIZE and FRANCIS AND THE LIGHTS at PEOPLE Festival Berlin resulted in their new single ‘WHY NOT?’ And when you bop to the vibes of ‘gotta stop’ and ‘why not’, you’re reminded of what it is like to be alive once more. With the subtle approach of delicacy in this piece, the pop elements don’t get in the way, as the feel of the song has already been cemented in your brain. With nu-funk sensibilities, it’s a winner of a song that just gets you up and well..dancin’! Love the ones you have left. Don’t forget them. Let them know you love them. Live and let live. Smile and laugh, with BOYS NOIZE and FRANCIS AND THE LIGHTS.

Space Above – Stolen Days

Space Above is Aaron Short. Returning with a brand new single, ‘Stolen Days’, the fragrant voices entirely capture our imaginations. And after watching the music video, you’re swept away to another day in another dimension. The track features his old The Naked And Famous band-mate Alisa Xayalith, and her vocals is to die for. Literally, if you want. As an anchor for the song, her voice is able to lift you up when you’re feeling way down; get you joyful, and live for your moment; then cast a spell of beauty and solace, for the drive back home and space of respite. SPACE ABOVE’s pop structures explore in a ethereal sounds and dance floor progressions, and then some. Your mind’s eye opens up and is exposed to a new world. You tell yourself, “Why not! Nothing has to be in my way!” Word.

Starcrawler – No More Pennies

Arrow de Wilde heads this phenomenal project STARCRAWLER. Off their sophomore LP (October 11th), ‘Devour You’, the alt-country rock vibes of this ‘No More Pennies’ is a tale of what happens in the everyday. But from Arrow’s perspective, the everyday is extraordinary and will surprise you if you want. ‘No More Pennies’ showcases the record’s more nuanced, and more grown up STARCRAWLER for the first time. We’d once wrote: “[Arrow] is the poster child of what energy is supposed to be on stage, and it’s so welcomed. The convulsions on-stage is what we love about Starcrawler (all the band members), and the output in songs is thoroughly enjoyable.” Just a cool song, that can be yours. See then next @ Vinyl Junkies Record Shack San Diego, October 4th.

archmotors – Sitcom

As a statement by the band: “‘Sitcom’ is essentially a take on the modern pursuit of narcissism as entertainment. It’s asking where our insatiable appetite for a celebration of the self is taking us, and if this monoculture really has the effect of homogenising instead of liberating us: now you can express yourself any way you want as long as it’s with a smiley. It’s a modern opiate of the masses and it is very useful for those driving the train. It’s fordism, it’s newspeak, and maybe it should be talked about. It’s the bleakest of prognosis. All you can do is laugh.” archmotors is Sean Lynch and Gary Landers, and the duo works to be conscious of the surroundings that glamour for the betterment in life. With guitar work as distinct as Radiohead, the off-kilter offerings, framed in fabulous drumming, keeps you in the know. The knowledge of The world that is and maybe can turn into. But accepting of that ‘now’ will be crucial.


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