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Spice Boys – Spice City Boys

Spice Boys’ Spice City Boys is, to be right to the point, a slap-stick runt of the litter, glittering in righteous improvements in un-realistic non-sense. So, it’s very good.

What? You mean the song is good??

Heck yea!

It’s the punk in the song. The spunk of the punk, that just is authentic and really, no-holds-barred.

The boys in Spice Boys don’t really care about how superficially listeners can get. They’re all about the live action. Some hand action. And maybe some, tongue action.

Take a look, or imagine that tongue ring – just gracefully, dangling on that beautiful tongue… with that hole.. in the tongue.

Yuck right? But in certain times, it’s not ‘yuck’.

It’s beautiful.

Pull on it with your own tongue. Or at least toy with it.

And yes, that insinuates you and your partner is french kissing.

Anywho, just like french kissing, once you’re doing it, your cares just melt away (kind of?).

And that’s what this song is like to us.

Get in. Lick. Sputter.

Let the excitement, get you to that content level.

Turns you on, in a kinky way, no?

Spice Boys are rep’ed by PNKSLM (Punk Slime) in Stockholm. The label knows their stuff, as always.

Congrats to the band because their new album will drop January of 2018. Go, go!

Oh, and don’t french kiss too, too long. Cheeks will hurt.



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