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Spicy’s back! Tells Kimmel about his former job, support, fake news.

Tacitly agreeing with Kimmel that the size of inaugural crowd was not the largest, Spicer talks in length with Jimmy Kimmel about his tenure.

The interview came off well for Spicer. He ultimately says that the Press Secretary’s job is to “give advice” to the President, but ultimately the message to be distributed is from the President. The Press Secretary does his/her best to disseminate & articulate the message in the best way possible- speaking on the President’s behalf.

However, Spicer stood by the fight against the “Fake News” agenda and the US press. He still believes that there’s too much “rather be first, than right” philosophy in the press. “There’s no admission of guilt”, he stated.

Asked about “lumping” all press corp into “fake news”, Spicer’s Press Secretary talking points came out to play again, slightly.

Regarding Melissa McCarthy, said the skit was “kind of funny”, playing him. “And she wins an Emmy!”, he awkwardly stated.

SNL (Melissa McCarthy):

Best Moments of Spicy (via Golden State Times):


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