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spill tab Shares ‘Decompose’. “Death as you’d never seen. Love as it has ever been.”

Beautifully decadent single ‘Decompose’ is hard to resist. spill tab keeps it unforgettable when they speak through their music. In this latest, it it hard to put it down, metaphorically.

Claire Chicha and David Marinelli are the two brains behind his succulent single. And when they do their thing, it feels like the seasons change just right before your eyes.

When love hits, the season changes. When love ‘tests’, the season changes. When love is no more, the darkness falls, revealing the depths of your begotten soul.

At least that’s how it feels. And in ‘Decompose’, with darkly beautiful and revealing vocals of Claire, the music just flows with an air of non-compliance. But as it flies, you’re controlled and confirmed by the steadiness and confidence of the lyrics that profound.

It’s a dang good thing.

The NYC based duo makes impressions whenever they go around. Sardonic, sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek, dramatic, serious, and utterly talented, the artists charm as they go through their worlds.

‘Decompose’ is the 3rd single from spill tab, and it’s a lo-fi highly caustic realization of a single.

In it’s inherent softness, it’ll give you hair on your chest.

Get inspired by spill tab.



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