Spiny Norman ‘Talk the Talk’ : Angsty hype and uplifting charms. Fun-ness continues.

Spiny Norman

From a world of ol’ time rock and roll comes this new band from The Netherlands named Spiny Norman. Four blokes who play songs that enrich with tradition and fun-ness at the core, they bring the best vibin’ traditions of folks like Richie Valens and Buddy Holly, to the current masses. With modern antics and interpretations, the band delivers with angsty hype and uplifting charms in ‘Talk the Talk’.

Consisting of members Ike and Sander (vocals/guitar/lyrics), Sebastian (keys/backing vocals) and Aron (drums) the band has recently released its first single ‘End of the Season’ on Spotify and iTunes, among other streaming services.

Now, Talk the Talk’ is here and the dance-bop-off is still goin’ strong.

Sources of inspiration for the first EP are Paul Simon, Small Faces, Donovan, Jeff Beck, and the inevitable Stones and Beatles, but also think of Sublime, A Tribe Called Quest and Tame Impala.


Let’s get crackin’ and let’s bop.


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