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Spirit Award Shares ‘Supreme Truth’. “Chop Away, Man. Chop Away.”

‘Supreme Truth’ is the first single from SPIRIT AWARD. Their upcoming album ‘Muted Crowd’ is due to drop soon in 2018.

The point of the exercise is indicative of the petulant childishness he’d demonstrated for the world. He’d cry. He’d shout. He’d been rebelling against the backdrop of obscurity for the long time. Ever since his birth, he’d state. And for the passers by, nothing indicated that he was telling falsehoods.

His mission was clear: chop away, my man. Chop away at the seams of string that holds the world atop that mountain. Decapitate the knowledge of unknown. Translate what is in mind, into its own truth.

Finding something that seems to be ‘yours’ is tempting. It is your ‘pot of gold’, your ‘meaning’ in life.

But don’t forget what surrounds you. For they help define what you are as well.

What a world we live in: Magnificent in all its detriments and beauty.

Gurgle. Gurgle.



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