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Spissy – Like A Wheel

Like the gentle snow blowing in the wind during the middle of winter, Spissy brings Like A Wheel to the fore and kicks ass. Sorry, ‘butt’, what we meant to say is ‘butt’, because the vocals and sound of this song is just the “gentler” sounding word, that means the same object.

And the object is serene, world class blues mixed in country slash, classic rock loveliness.

Yes. Loveliness. First, “Kick Ass”, then “Loveliness”.

It’s like the memory of the high-school prom we’d had: awkward scenarios, coupled with the cute gal in one’s arm, but at the time, we just didn’t know what to do, or sometimes didn’t know whether we cared. Confusion, on top of confusion, for most of us.

But bottom line, it came down to the feeling of what was going on. It felt good. It felt weird. It made one feel giddy. Why? Didn’t know. Didn’t care – until years after.

Like A Wheel talks to us like that high-school prom.

It’s just a good, weird, and repeatable memory. It’ll remain in our brains. It’ll strike up a great conversation, privately – lending us a couple of smiles – which we’d hope no one else saw in the office.

Kudos, Aaron / Ben. Kudos.

We’re fans.



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