Spooky Wilson ‘need u’ : What a fun and complex layers of cinema-craft, in audio.

Spooky Wilson

A party has started, and we’re all invited. It’s in Spooky Wilson’s mind. And within it, the colors are hard against the sunshine of spectacular tones, imbued with the prescient vibes of and for love.

At least a love like Spooky Wilson only can conjure.

From the operatic fabulousness, the coaxing tinge of song and big-top vibes, converge to make you feel so – so good.

It’s an effervescent task of goodness that is lightly tinged with hiphop elements, that mix like a gourmet meal of another planet.

“This is kind of blowing my mind. You do a great job of tapping into classic songwriter but flipping it into something modern with electronics.”

It is mind blowing, and the kaleidoscope of EDM affections, is a granular but explosive experience, endangered in substance and dedicated to a cinema-craft of un-earthly grit.


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