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sports coach Shares ‘tide rider’. Last Swig Of Soju or Whiskey, Before Diving In.

Have you ever gone to a night of binge drinking, dinner, and karaoke? Yes. We all have (if not, you should). And when you go into one of those Korean karaoke places, with the private rooms for all of you to order drinks and food, so efficiency can take place in singing – that is what we think of when listening to SPORT COACH’s ‘Tide Rider’.

The echoes of the mics. The confusion of the 4-5 friends who don’t know what they are doing. The clanging of support tambourines from the non-participating on-lookers.

And then there is ONE. The one who is the ‘taste maker’, the one who is ‘hyper excited’ and don’t give a hoot about his image in this dungeon of a karaoke setting.

Song set.

Concentration level: high.

Last swig of the Soju or whiskey, before diving in.

Here comes the graphics on screen.

90 points.

Your friend is a tough competitor.

Now, show ’em what you got. Here we go.

This short rendition is an exercise in SPORTS COACH’s inadmissible platitudes, granted deep into the deep-state-of-mind. Your mind. Your key to solvency.

Be liquid.

The latest EP ‘Dream Sports’ will drop August 3rd.


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