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SPQR ‘Suffer’ is what we want. What we want becomes a ‘need’. Diabolical, they are.

Relinquish the fears of what you might know. It’s relative to the environment, you stand on – and swim against. SPQR’s Suffer just mangles our insides for its very cool song development. The progression of ‘angst’ by the end it made us want more, and more. It’s a good sign, ain’t it?

The song is punchy, throat clenching, confusing, diabolical.

Then, it hits the latter quarter – bliss.

The designed awkwardness of the intro, holds our hand close up to the curtain.

There, beyond the hidden fabric, can lie the answers we need.

The detrimental attitudes, sly sycophantic stares, the terminal cancer of invisible needs – all open for scrutiny, on the other side of that wall.

The purple fleece, with hanging dust, emits the pangs of curiosity.

Blatantly, we go forward. Holding the hand that could kill us.

Or it may not.

We can’t afford not to know.

The curiosity will kill us too.

Hold harder – here we go.

The trio, hailing from Liverpool, is fabulous – showing grit, talent, great music.

We’re glad we got to know them better.

‘Suffer’ is the first single from their debut EP ‘The House That Doubt Built’.

SPQR is published and rep’ed by Loner Noise Records (part of Elevant Music LTD), also out of Liverpool.

Looking forward to more.



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