springtime carnivore – raised by wolves

Springtime Carnivore’s Raised By Wolves is indicative of Greta Morgan’s talents and continues to demonstrate her unique blend of whimsy and seriousness, through her haunting vocals and output.

It’s a fab song, simply put. The blend is so not “cafe Americano”, but so not “Starbucks Special Blend” either. Her vocals are haunting (even more live; see below video), and the whimsy is dark – presented in a light and frothy “brush off your shoulders” kind of thing, but dark none-the-less.

And that’s where her talents lie. That carpet of weeds that grows over and beside the few flowers in the garden, is where her songs take us. That journey is expected to have many ups and down, jerks and crumbs, dicks and wimps – but through the weeds, there is the bright and colorful and unique petaled flowers.

Those flowers could be unique themselves, and it’s a journey to behold. Our conversations with mates, potential mates, strangers, and so forth, start in small increments – most of the time through and between our inner conversations – complex, annoying, and necessary, they may be.

Lets ‘brush our shoulders off’ and move on – learning, widening, with every step.


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