Sprints ‘Kissing Practice’ : Positively radiant rock grit comes off with shine and delight.


SPRINTS are proud to present their third single ‘Kissing Practice’. Karla Chubb, Colm O’Reilly, Sam McCann, and Jack Callan deliver another fascinating and delicious rock experience, as they always do. Full of life and energy, the positively radiant rock grit comes off with shine and delight.

A ferociously fast and energy fueled song about sonder, melancholy and the mundane routine of everyday life, ‘Kissing Practice’ is your quintessential rock’em-sock’em toss your stresses out the door kind of goodness. Its rife with banger attitude and maybe some pit moshing.

Yo. Why not!

The Dublin based 4 piece alt/post-punk band keeps it direct and real, as their instruments rack up points as they drill down into your core with fun and rock effervescence.

Fun sh*t.

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Happy #IWD2020 to you and yours xo

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