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SPT LGHT: Live Session With BELL THE BAND.

Caitlin Marie Bell is the soul and artist behind BELL THE BAND, a contemporary indie-folk project with consequential submissions to the experiences, and an in depth examination to what’s behind our heart of hearts.

Back in June of 2018, Caitlin graced The Den studio and made a great night of music and vibe consumption. The beautifully elegant and seductive songstress, enamored her guitar strings to bring to life the essence of some of her bodies of work.

As Caitlin puts it so well, BELL THE BAND is a “New York City-based project, distilled in the Appalachian south and aged in an oak barrel of American blues, roots and folk music.”

Caitlin is a classically trained opera singer formerly of Oberlin Conservatory of Music, and after a short stay, studying folk music in Seattle, she reconnected again with her Americana roots back in New York City.





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🌿Update🌿When I sat down to write these new songs, I had no idea where they’d lead. Now I watch as they morph into the story they want to tell. This year has been challenging. I’ve spent the better part of it caring for family and getting accepted into graduate school. It’s been strange to make music when I feel like I’ve been fighting for more important things, so I’m doing my best to allow the music to make itself while I listen. Patience is an elusive thing for which I’m always searching, so thanks for bearing with me and hanging around. To record with @harperjmusic is to get back to the roots of this project. He should be in this photo, but he’s been busy surrounding me in guitars and shaping songs. More soon. 💌

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