Spunsugar ‘Run’ : “These are our references and this shapes our sound.”

Spunsugar / Photo: Charlie Wedin

The Swedish self proclaimed goth-gaze trio, have just announced their highly anticipated debut album ‘Drive-Through Chapel’ set for release via Adian Recordings (Alice Bowman, This Is Head, Hey Elbow) 2nd of October 2020.

Featuring the previously shared single ‘Happier Happyless’, which has already gathered huge amounts of support across numerous publications and streaming services, the outfit’s first full-length outing sees them take on the dark and pulsing nature of the post-punk sound and deliver it through a completely new and diverse contemporary lens.”

“We call ourselves an alternative rock band with shoegaze influences,” said Spunsugar. “Sound wise, imagine if Alternative Nation on MTV 1997 and a drum machine fall into a cotton candy machine. The cotton candy wheel breaks and derails. We grew up farmer offsprings, bible belt kids of fundamentalists and trailer trash in small towns of Sweden. These are our references and this shapes our sound.”

Produced by Joakim Lindberg at Studio Sickan, Malmö, ‘Drive-Through Chapel’ sets itself as one of the most thunderous and anthemic offerings in the Adrian Recordings catalogue.


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