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Squirrel Shares ‘Parking Lot’. “Living The Life. One Parking Lot, At A Time.”

‘Parking Lot’ is a single off of SQUIRREL’s newest 16 song LP ‘New Weird America’ which dropped just late last month. It is a jangly guitar, bedroom recorded DIY extravaganza of a single that is aesthetically very lo-fi. However, dig deeper and in the lyrics and the vocals, plenty of emotions are communicated in spades.

And he’s been a prolific publisher of original music cast from his odd mind, since 2013.

The song is about ‘sleeping in a parking lot on a hot summer day”, SQUIRREL stated. But we think it’s just a fabulous presentation of angst and just normal ‘frustrations’ of life that we humans just don’t know what to do with. Repetition of life, is apparent and pervasive in any level of socio-economic orders. It is the same with other angles of life, for we, even in times of strife, become ‘dull’ to the challenges at hand.

It’s a way to cope.

It’s a way to survive.

We accept the situation, and adjust to that surrounding.

It’s what’s needed, at that time.

It’s a neutral state of affairs.

Anywho, we’re guessing about the deeper meaning of ‘Parking Lot’, but from what we’ve heard, we think SQUIRREL (the artist) should be know in a wider capacity.

Hope we can add to that conversation.




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