SR Noceur ‘Unseen Force’ : Moves undaunted. Tailored dark wave resistance.

SR Noceur

Tailored dark wave resistance. Unforeseen cast of rainbows of black and white shimmers. Lights out, but never forgotten. ‘Unseen Force’ is SR Noceur’s decadent ABC’s of what electro prominence could become.

“The music that I produce in this solo-project doesn’t follow a specific path, and it ranges among different sub-genres of electronic music,” said SR. “I seek to share these sudden ideas that originate in my head, trying to capture them with different sounds and rhythms, such as plucks, guitar riffs, arpeggios, which generate different dimensions, percussive arrangements that not only incite movement, but also invite you to listen carefully… the ghostly vocals that appear in some parts of the tracks and all of these different chop vocals games, all of which clasp to this mysterious tone.”

SR’s single moves undaunted, while the producer profounds newer divisions of sonic knowledge and angst.


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