Sreym Hctim ‘Curfew Calls’ : Moral of that long and arduous journey.

Sreym Hctim / Photo: Sheher Preisler

Each of the five songs(in the new EP ‘Turn Tail’) tackle composition in a different way,” said Sreym Hctim (Mitch Myers).

Whether “screeches heard from the Jefferson L train”, “drum sticks clank against ascending harp”, “shiny kaleidoscopic loop multiplies” and scuttling, or “cartoon oohs-and-aahs characterize a insomniac pivot in the mania” – the creative angst of the project that is Sreym Hctim is beside itself, and of others.

The contentions is within the mind and body of its creator, Mitch. And we can surmise from this oddly caustic, but rhythmically sentient piece, that the world is an oyster, and it doesn’t matter how long that oyster’s been sitting in the sun. All that matters is the remaining soul. The soul of the decrepit life, the preponderance of the intellectual evidence, and of the willing diagnostics in self harm or sacrifice.

Its existence, within existence. And in Mitch’s music – and in ‘Curfew Calls’, that is the moral of that long and arduous journey.

The EP is out now. Listen and live it.


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