SS Drips And Scowls At Life, Situations, Problems, And Solutions In Single ‘Yeah Yeah’.

It’s just how it is. That’s how things just ‘go down’. It’s the sum of many things that collapse and break. It’s called life. And challenges are a part of it’s ‘DNA’, if it had one. Problems and headaches are the norm, and not the exception.

And SS (SwanSounds) knows this. After his big production single for Dappy’s ‘All We Know’, he comes back with this tricky diddy ‘Yeah Yeah’.

It’s a keeper. In fact, the song is a jumpy, run about life’s little hectic moments – girl, relationship, personal problems – that can effect anyone doing his or her thing. But there’s no sweat about getting it sorted.

And SS gets it all sorted, for sure.

The London based artist and performer kicks into nonchalant high-gear in this latest single, demonstrating exactly where he stands at the moment in hiphop with exquisite production, hooks, and unadulterated relish.

SS stated: “Yeah Yeah is a freeze frame of where I am at in my life right now. The record is a dance-y turn up track – it’s basically me just having fun while touching on the realness!”

He’s just dang good at what he does.



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