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St.Dukes Shares ‘When We Were 17 (Venice Mix)’. “What If We Were…”

The buildup on this single ‘When We Were 17’ is majestically done, with isometric ire for the ‘desperation’ on the flanks of life. ST.DUKES bring the 80’s elements to this song, and in a refreshing direction, doesn’t stay too clever and ‘un-makes’ the readily used technique. In fact, this is culminated and demonstrated with utter hammering with the last 1/3rd of the single.

Then the guitar solo comes in, stage right.

It devastates, not from pure speed or technique, but from the ’emotional energy’ that ‘fits’ the angst and obligations of the buildup from the first 2/3.

“What if we were…”

“What if we were with…”

“What if you were…”

“What if you were with to…”


The vocals makes the backdrops of this song to work. And the individual elements seemed like they were put into place for a ‘purpose’ and a ’cause. The emotive avalanche is controlled, mannered, and scrolls that film locked up tight in your psyche.

Cool stuff.



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