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Stables – Ringmore Rise

Musicians, singer/songwriters, and coffee roasters, Matthew Lowe and Daniel Trenholme, brings solumn happiness in ‘Ringmore Rise’. The appreciation for the small things; passion surpasses the appreciative and rains down with good fortune. The duo has been in this project since 2016, and for 2019, they’d been on a 12 song, 12 month mission. So far, so good. As the project’s folk aim, delivers with subtlety and manicured construction, in ‘Ringmore Rise’ the strumming of the guitar gets you into the gates, as it hums along with a unique presentation. The band stated that ‘Ringmore Rise’ is a street in Matthew’s hometown of Forest Hill, SE London. It’s a sanctuary for him and a place where the duo decided to work and live full time this year. Lovely stuff, from lovely sentiments.

MOYOGI – Flow Away

Kikker and Pavel make up the band and art-form named MOYOGI. The Budapest based outfit returns with their outstanding single ‘Flow Away’, and new visual. The best work of the duo’s very new band, ‘Flow Away’ takes all of the past and present, then it aims to allow the flow of nuance to push their – yours – and our, love for love to new heights. We’d said of the project: “…delves in and out of several sub-genres to tell the tales of the ins and outs of the environments, touched and experienced in their lives…” The band has roots in hard rock, but delightfully takes much into the indie-folk dream-rock side of the equation. And with their latest, we think things are quickly emerging as the right and glorious direction. Music video was direct by Emese Tóth and takes the indie, 60’s French romance vibe, in full color and vibe to task. MOYOGI’s goals of releasing a song every month in 2019, continues with triumph.

Lake Jons – It’s Too Bright

LAKE JONS is Jooel Jons and Mikko Pennanen. And the Finnish duo, makes ambience with organic resonance, interlaced emotions, surrounded by an up-crusted sentiment, both inviting and comforting. The pop-folk notes and progressions, dip deep into the well of suppositions and positive enlightenment in ‘It’s Too Bright’. The solitary emissions of dark plus the haze, delivers a very sophisticated embarkment in song. We’d been acquainted with LAKE JONS in 2017 and said of the project then: “The band is an inspiration…re-iterates the clarity of sound and soul – exploring outer body philosophies and human relationships.” That journey continues through the deep and seducing lyrics the band offers, again and again. This time with a different kind of will and effort, that again, revels in involving your listening aura. With ‘It’s Too Bright’, the band announced their sophomore album ‘The Coast’ which will drop November 29th.

Chinese Takeaway – Gone Too Far

Sydney based CHINESE TAKEAWAY is audacity. You know. Those round things in the middle of your crotch, in a metaphoric sense. And they are large. The band brings many subtleties in ‘Gone Too Far’ to the fore, with gumption and delightful ambitions. Jangly guitars indie-pop is what they do. But it’s different. A 90’s vibe that is not. A modern vibe, that is nostalgic. A deep and dark vision, just under their surface of uplifting progressions. All of these make up this smiling band of artists, but just underneath it all, the seriousness and pragmatics of the song, shines brightly and prominently. Lauren Towler Lovell, Tim Peterson, Luise Martin, Finn Allen make this project the way it is. And it works to a tee. See them next at Servo Food Truck Bar September 12th in New South Wales.

League of Lights – Kings and Queens

It’s all about the soaring climax of the song. In ‘Kings and Queens’, the latest from LEAGUE OF LIGHTS, life lessons and the amazing recognition of those lessons, are cast in the shining light, that it deserves. “What’s to come” is the next step in that term of acquisition, and the duo of Farrah and Richard West, delivers in skin shimmering delight in this single, offering electronic rock/synth pop from Surrey, England, tantalizingly sprinkled in slivers of steampunk vibes. “It’s been a long journey to get here,” said Farrah. “From the day we recorded our first song together we’ve been working towards creating something that combines the heart of who we are. We’re really proud to have reached this point on our journey “. Look for their 2nd album which will drop later this year.


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