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Stacey Randol Shares Deliciously Earthy And Vibrant ‘Songs In The Soil’.

Out of the gray, comes this vibrant and melancholic indie-folk song that just does its best to make our day a bit brighter. It succeeds in spades.

With no over the top dictation for ‘happiness’ or ‘dancey dramatics’, the down to earth Sheryl Crow-esque deliciousness in ‘Songs In The Soil’ is the remedy for the blues in your life.

The 3rd song off of her newest release EP ‘Songs In The Soil’, the Nashville based singer and songwriter, throws us a bone with delicate and gorgeous vocals, framed by decadent psyche-rock sensibilities, and twinkle-dipped lyrical playfulness. A playfulness, just enough to feel, it is an acute balance taken by Stacey to high-order.

The song was produced by fellow bandmate Michael McBurnett, it, along with the rest of the album was done with that good-ol-vintage feel that just doesn’t grow old or out of place.

As Stacey’s songs expand with images and stories that resonate, she keeps her foot on that pedal, in the mission for that genuine goodness we, as audience members, crave.

Enjoy this.

EP ‘Songs In The Soil’ is available now.



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