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STAL ‘Hilldale’ : Tell-tale of the edges of excitement for the future.

Upcoming EP ‘Shades Of Truth’ will be released February 2020.

Dreams become reality, as soon as you dip your feet into the, yet, murky waters, of the future and what’s to come. The pictures of the new life you’d lead, becomes too hard to ignore, where it becomes impossible to act on that calling.

“Hilldale is my ode to LA,” said STAL. “I left my country (Paris, France) in 2016 to live my own american dream in Silverlake, Los Angeles. Beyond the cliché, living in LA is the kind of emotional rollercoaster everyone should experience once in a lifetime. Feeling lonely as hell on a day or surrounded by amazing, talented people the other day can drive you crazy but this city is the land of opportunities, perfect melting pot and home of the Sun.”

The innocence of it all comes to fruition in STAL’s single ‘Hilldale’. A subtle wafer of goodness, with charming antidotes of sun-soaked collages and good vibes to come, the anti-anthem of ‘Hilldale’ draws you to its honesty and emotional certitude.

This is the way it should be. And as STAL describes the tell-tale of the edges of excitement for the future, you can’t help but take that journey with equal gumption and pride.

Pierre-Marie Maulini is STAL and his upcoming EP ‘Shades Of Truth’ will be released February 2020.

Look for more from the outfit.



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