Stand Up: ‘The Last Laugh Comedy Show’ Saw Success As It Left Audience In Stitches.

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On March 28th, there existed a slight heart palpitation that occurred in the heart of gotham – that is Jersey City (well at least gotham of Hudson County). And in that warm weather evening, there came together some ‘Super-Friends’. They were funny, ‘talkative’, and had many tales to tell. These were professionals, through and through. And, heck, the city SHOOK. The laughter began through Grove downtown cultural streets, from Barrow and Grove, and between Bay and Christopher Columbus – and didn’t stop (well until the end of the night, anyways).

Ain’t the world grand?


Anywho, they serve to please. And heck. They sure came through.

Comedians Rich Carucci, Donna Vaicels, Taj Osorio, Tania Lewis, Doug Brian, and Josh Wells, hit the crowd with jokes and thought provoking grins, all good for the probiotics in our human guts.

‘The Last Laugh Comedy Show’ is a themed production specifically in partnership with LITM. And this latest, marked the third such production to date. And this time, the show was filled with veterans of many backgrounds. Leaving the crowd with some well deserved ‘hump day’ (Wednesday) smile aches. The bar was filling with happy hour servings of drinks. While at the stage side of the venue, the tables were set, and the stage was ready to go.

“Ever Notice the Poorer You Are the Longer the Five Second Rule Gets” – Rich Carucci.

Feature, Rich Carucci:
With his characteristic assault and commentary on social and racial observations made some of the crowd cringe with laughter. He loves that when he’s in front of his audience. It makes things very intimate. For ‘the cringe is goodness’. It shows truth. And the truth Carucci depicts is what we are: That we’re ‘animals’; dirty little animals. LOL. Find more at his calendar [HERE].

Mike Jenkins:
A veteran comic and actor (stars in “Homicide City” / Investigation Discovery) came with a machine gun joke after joke, which ‘made it rain’ onto the unsuspecting attendants. The audience was ‘mowed’ down, but loved it either way.

Donna Vaicels: With platinum blond aesthetics, killer tongue for the irony in life, and her fabulous and unique voice – she threw together anecdotes after anecdotes, drenching the audience with ‘self reflection’ on what we sometimes do for the sake of the ‘unforgiving dating scene’, and ‘the impenetrable man & woman’ dilemmas. She made us laugh. On April 3rd, she’ll be featured at the famous Carolines On Broadway, in NYC, as part of ‘Divorce Diaries’ sketch comedy show. She’s a successful business owner, who turns into Donna Vee who donates 100% of her comic earnings to several of her favorite charities. Kudos.

Taj Osorio:
The gentle gentleman, came up to the stage, unassuming and calm. Then. BAM! It was to the races! Osorio threw some sharp knives at ‘gender alphabet soup’, ‘facial hair assumptions’, and the ever popular depiction on ‘hard times growing up’. Ever so truthful, for it happened to him, but non-the-less very poignant.

Tania Lewis:
She is that ‘dark horse’ in the race track. She is that un-assuming Honda Civic, that blows everyone away, when it’s time to put the pedal to the metal. Her quick one liner jokes, amplified by her fabulously timed pauses, made the crowd grin, then laugh, then laugh at their own laughter. One phrase ruled the night: “Order of Chicken Hand”. Heck yea.

Doug Brian:
Brian is very aware. He’s very aware of how he looks, how he’s represented (involuntarily) by the public (of him), and he’s very happy to take it and use it for joke fodder. On stage his no holds barred, sensibilities touched the audience, then figuratively slapped them a bit, so the world sank in. Quite a wake up move, by Brian, to say the least. Boss.

Josh Wells:
Josh Wells is a comedian from North Bergen, NJ who took the helm for this night as the MC. And his humor and jokes set the right tone. He loves his craft, and has done it for 8 years. Also, he tells us that he likes cats, music, and dive bars. Doesn’t like the band, Nickelback and writing about himself. Go figure.

“We’re really excited to present so many talented comedians in the city that we call home. One of our goals with Ghost Bear Productions is to help add to the live performance scene in Jersey City. And it’s been a great start to the project. We aim to keep having fun while continuing to feature great bodies of work to our present and future JC fans.“ – Show producer Sean Van Kleeff.

Upcoming comedy dates produced by Ghost Bear in association with LITM and CHF are the following: April 25, May 9, May 23, June 13, June 27, July 11, July 25, August 8, and August 22nd.

There are additional dates to come for the fourth quarter of 2018, as well.

ⓒ comeherefloyd

Show Producer: Ghost Bear Productions
Venue: LITM Jersey City
Sponsor: comeherefloyd

Ghost Bear Productions is a collective of artists and organizers looking to provide opportunities at local venues for well known and up and coming artists. They are a Jersey City based advocate for the local art scene, doing their best to contribute in a positive way. In a higher call, they hope to continue a philanthropic focus in the effort to strengthen and sustain art programs inside schools of Jersey City.

LITM is the acronym for ‘Love Is The Message’ and is Jersey City’s neighborhood destination for creative seasonal cocktails, award-winning American food and the local art and film scene. Every day offers its own unique experience- from the light-hearted and bouncy Friday nights, to the decompressing Monday happy hour fix, or Wednesday’s casual treat to a burger and beer. Monthly art shows and film screenings are home to LITM, and has become known locally for exactly that.

Comedian & host Josh Wells (left) w/ show producer Sean Van Kleef ⓒ comeherefloyd

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