StanLei ‘Alameda (acoustic)’ : Beautiful appeal and understanding preface.

Sales and download proceeds from Alameda (acoustic) will be donated to Caring in Bristol.


It’s the subtleties that makes a difference in this world sometimes. And with StanLei’s single ‘Alameda’, these subtleties, are complex, driven, urging, and undoubtedly filled with the hopes and dreams of much. A lifetime of invocations, are troubled inside the dew drops of StanLei’s pick of the acoustic guitar. The soundscape – personal and intimate – resonates with beautiful appeal and understanding preface to a soul that is to be.

In the hope of helping people suffering from isolation especially over the festive season, all sales and download proceeds from Alameda (acoustic) will be donated to Caring in Bristol, a charity working to help homeless and other vulnerable people in StanLei’s former hometown of Bristol, UK.

StanLei is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer based in Toulouse (France). And the engaging vocals and lyrical works of her single, is poetic and poignant. The conscious folk vibes and lovely hint of lavender chord progressions, ‘Alameda’ is something real and grand.

Hear more of StanLei, as she is currently producing her debut album.



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