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Starchild & The New Romantic premiere new single ‘Can I Come Over?’ off of upcoming album ‘Language’.

In our little way, we at CHF, called Starchild & The New Romantic’s first single ‘Ophelia’s Room’: “…glorious. The drooling is tremendous. We’re ashamed. But the song is making us do it.” And now the trend continues, with ‘Can I Come Over?” where our drooling is flood-like, and can’t get enough of the sentimental beckoning of the tune.

“Will you even care if I came over?”

“…I would fall asleep at night clutching it, waiting for a call. When we parted, I would become attached to my phone as a conduit to this person I had lost. Melodies came to me all over the world…earth-shattering pain I was being railroaded through.”

The man behind the music is Bryndon Cook. And his voice hovers over your shoulders, not nagging, but reminding you of the people and places we’d passed, without a thought. “Will we get passed by without a thought too?” It’s a solitary exercise in brain gymnastics.

Summersalt into the funk and soul, dance away to the sadness of past memories – then slide into that comfortable bed sheets, with your beloved in mind and in your heart.

Cook does that.

Simmer over that.

‘Language’ drops February 23.

He’s rep’ed by Ghostly International.

Buy [HERE]



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