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Starchild & The New Romantic shares ‘Ophelia’s Room’ (Official Video)

Taken from Starchild And The New Romantic ‘Language’ LP (due out February 23, 2018), Bryndon Cook offers us a snapshot of what’s going in that musical head of his through ‘Ophelia’s Room’.

And it’s glorious. The drooling is tremendous. We’re ashamed. But the song is making us do it.

Can’t be helped.

Bryndon Cook describes his recording project Starchild And The Romantic as “Champion Music for the Heartbroken”. In 2016, at the moment of Crucial, his first EP with Ghostly International, which landed the New York City-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist in Rolling Stones 25 under 25 list, that sentiment felt entirely on-point.

“The telephone is a heavily symbolic piece both on this album & in New Romantic world…Like a dream about giving ‘that person’ a call after a long time has passed. A daydream or a nightmare all at once.”

In 2018, Cook’s full-length debut, ‘Language’ a refinement of his phonics for funk, electro, and R&B, and a vibrant, mercurial statement record reveals the artists intention to stretch the expression beyond love.

“I always appreciated music that lent a helping hand and said, Hey, are you with me? Because I am with you,” Cook explains. “I hope I can do that for someone, somewhere. If Im lucky.”

Purchase the album [HERE]

Bryndon is rep’ed by Ghostly International. The video was shot at Company Records.


Track List:

  1. Language
  2. Mood
  3. Only If U Knew
  4. Hands Off
  5. Hangin On
  6. Black Diamond
  7. Ophelia’s Room
  8. Some People I Know
  9. Can I Come Over?
  10. Doubts
  11. Good Stuff
  12. Boys Choir
  13. Lost Boys
  14. Hand To God


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