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Starry Skies Shares ‘Starry Skies’. “Be The Star. Be Happy.”

Glasgow (Scotlands) band STARRY SKIES brings the single named ‘Starry Skies’. ‘Be Kind’, the upcoming new album, will drop October 12th via Fox Star Records.

“There are not enough people being kind to each other… It’s really clichéd but it’s nice to be nice. I decided I wanted to be more straightforward lyrically and send a simple message about spending the rest of my time on this planet being as kind as I can as much as I can.”

‘Starry Skies’ is a tune that balances George Harrison’s eclectic demure musical antics, with solid rock sensibilities for the audience to enjoy. It is one of those songs that ‘fills up’ a stage with good and positive vibes.

The band is consists of: Heather Phillips (violin/vocals), Noel O’Donnell (drums/vocals), Jonathen Lilley (bass guitar/vocals) and John Rooney (lead guitar) with occasional guest Chas Fraser (trumpet) Monica Queen (vocals), Johnny Smillie (guitar/vocals).



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