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State Of Green ‘Jolly Pusher’ : With music and positivity in participation.

Let’s see where he can take us next.

State Of Green

Marching with strident ambiguity, State Of Green, makes a mark on your listening pleasure. A golden chalice of meanings, and non-meanings, the Edinburgh, Scotland based artist combines grooves, distortion, beats and hooks, to get you thinking.

Perplexing and poppy (in the most psyche sense), his latest single ‘Jolly Pusher’ is a story that can be about anything, but can be about you. Yes. You.

You – the beholden key to that kingdom of your choosing.

You – the answer to the equation of truth and wonder.

You – the antithesis to the grievances of it all.

State Of Green is part of a genre, that is sub-genre. It’s niche, and that’s exactly what SOG wants to be. A glamorously grating vision for the artist, it supplants the state of the world as he sees it, with music and positivity in participation (As the artist also links conservation into has work, 105 native trees were planted in Scotland to celebrate the release of Jolly Pusher).

SOG is a one man aim at a new horizon.

This is his debut single. Let’s see where he can take us next.



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