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Static Shore // El West // T.Nile // The Careful Ones // Wine Flies

Static Shore – Any Stage

Off of their newest album ‘Panikon’, STATIC SHORE’s single ‘Any Stage’ is near ASMR. Sultry, angelic, vibrant, and dark, the contrast invoked by the synth deep instrumentations makes it for the underrated song. STATIC SHORE is the project of Shannon Alexander (Vocals, Synths) and Eric Smith (Synths, Beats), the duo has pushed out 4 LPs together and doesn’t seem to show any slowing down. With significance in arrangement and quality of thought process, the songs, like ‘Any Stage’ direct your attention to its quality and suppleness. The Seattle based (originally from Colorado) duo makes unadulterated and seamless visuals through sonic ventures, and we’d invite all to check out their works.

El West – Where the Lights Go

Comprised of Bryant Powell, Thomas Brenneman, Ricky Powell, and Marty Welker, EL WEST is an alt indie-rock band based in Phoenix Arizona. They specialize in emotive songs with enticing story telling and infectious swells of guitar and ambience. The anthemic power of ‘Where The Lights Go’ continues a nuanced track for the band. Stated EL WEST: “This song is a stand alone single. A surprise release for fans for reaching 10k followers on Instagram. It shows a bit of a different side of the band.” Heavily popular in the region, the skills of pulling together the emotional threads in this particular single is exquisite and beautiful to behold. A pull of the heart strings is what this single is all about and it succeeds with flying colors.

T.Nile – So High

T.NILE stated: “Working with both acoustic and electronic instruments gives me a sense of unlimited musical possibility”. And in all of the notes that she represents in this single ‘So High’, that truth is told in a beautiful way. From the age of six and until her teenage years, she’d followed her father (‘Dan The Man, The One Man Band’) and toured the west coast and Australia in an RV. With albums, tours, awards and festivals under her belt, the angelic vocals of T.NILE follows suit. All of her past works and efforts have neatly transitioned into her current projects, culminating in the latest LP manifestation ‘Beachfires’ (available now). T.NILE’s come a long way, but she is just getting started.

The Careful Ones – Boys Can Cry Too

THE CAREFUL ONES’ single ‘Boys Can Cry Too’ is a beautifully sung and dedicated promise to a loved one. The devastation of dealing with a loss, can be life altering. Just don’t know until that bridge comes to pass. Some deal with it alright. Some need a little more time. “This is the first song from our new album. Each song is dedicated to a different person. This song is dedicated to my older brother as he endured the loss of our Mother.” Majestic courage is found in the smallest of places. And circumstances dictate when that courage can be found and examined. We never can know, but it’s something you cannot prepare for in any kind of capacity. We’re all built differently. We’re all built in fragility. We’re all built to be crushed emotionally. But most importantly, there is a great chance that we can rise up again, to live our own lives to the full. We’d like to think this song by THE CAREFUL ONES is that note of encouragement for their brother. Gorgeous.

Wine Flies – Business

Swedish act WINE FLIES is the project of Henrik Lennartsson. An initially secretive endeavor, the artist started putting together songs and words in university. Now, despite his initial goals (or non-goals) for his music, his debut single ‘Business’ is here and can be heard. Henrik stated: “Business was the result of me, merely improvising keys over a beat. I never know what I’m gonna get, since I don’t write the songs beforehand…I’d say that my fuel/drive in all of this comes down to the concept of irony. It completely destroyed me as a person, when it first hit me as a younger man, but it is also now the thing that makes me sane and keeps me going, because life is ridiculous, and so am I.“ Honesty is the start of something great. All of the weight of pretending melts and the creative juices flow like rivers. The delta of the music, collects in a place for attention and admiration. In ‘Business’, Henrik’s vision is seen, heard, and certainly worth much appreciation. Henrik added: “I’ve got these melodies in my head, a lot of them actually, but I rarely manage to realize them technically, so they usually turn into something else entirely, but that’s all good too, I guess”. Bravo, indeed.


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