Steel Trees ‘Dumbadum’ : The rough and tumble rock single is your perfect partner with a pint.

Steel Trees

Frontman Tom Hannon on their new music and upcoming tour: “We’re a working class band that puts everything into what we do, we play hard, loud and fast, no gimmicks, just a trio of brothers blasting out songs with a ferocious intensity”.

The gang from the UK, has been supporting the most popular DIY/Indie bands like Dinosaur Jr, Turbowolf, Heck, Dinosaur Pile Up, Deap Vally, Jim Jones Revue, Amazing Snakeheads, Holy Mountain and Qemists, and it’s their aim to keep on staying ahead of the curve in innovative music construction. With deserved accolades from the BBC to festivals, their rise to popularity is wholly expected and predicted.

A driving rock emblem, ‘Dumbadum’ is you, on rock steroids, then hurling philosophies that makes you look like a hero to your friends. Just like that sentence, you’re here to just throw it all in the air, and party like it’s the future.

And when you do, why not with the gang in Steel Trees.

The rough and tumble rock single is your perfect partner with a pint.

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Next week. 👀

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