Steelings ‘Rest Assured’ : Taunting and benevolent in sustenance.


A project that is something that makes you feel. That is Steelings. And the indie band duo comprised of Jacob and Sita Steele is a ray of sunshine, over the crevasse of life’s bumps and deliberate mis-givings. A taunting and benevolent in sustenance, the single ‘Rest Assured’ brings subtle energies, both in the most charming of circumstances.

This female-male duo combines earthy and ethereal textures to create a soundscape that is both raw and distinctive. Taking their listeners to hauntingly beautiful places, evoking lush imagery and feelings of alluring mystery, the couple, digs deep, whenever called upon, then luxuriates their listeners’ ears with golden indie gifts of lavender and green.

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Rest Assured is just two days away!

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so grateful for the 💗 our EP has received

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