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Stella in the Clouds Shares Another Beaut In ‘Slow Down’. “Dances, in silence, in heart.”

STELLA IN THE CLOUDS comes back to us with another beauty in ‘Slow Down’. The melancholic chill single is right where it needs to be, as it alternatively tracks the vibes that SITC emits from her hallowed crown of emotional tears and injections. The electronic indie fissure of a song, never forgets as the walls of darkened emotions are strewn up against the sky, to be stretched into nylon thin remembrances, transparent and unable to keep the light away.

It’d been a while since our last visit by STELLA IN THE CLOUDS. Our last was back in November of 2018, with the single ‘Monday Thrill’ which we promptly stated: “Once you’re listening, you’re funneled into that place of rejection. An electro storm of regrets, lined with the formation of deep dark emotions, waiting for that day of ‘revenge’. For your own soul? Of someone else? Maybe…”

“I started writing this song thinking I was wrong on all the line about a certain relationship. Then I noticed the sun was setting, and got caught by one of the last light rays. Between this moment and the night, everything felt possible no matter which direction I would go. Like to slow down that moment, I wanted to capture the insouciance that belongs to our childhood, find that place which never cease to exist in each of us. Going to that place, with new eyes each time they open, I find hope here.”

The linear production line of SITC’s philosophy lies just underneath the skin. Ever delicate, but never out of place. With care and unobstructed mirror views, ‘Slow Down’ dances, in silence – in heart.



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