Stepford Wives ‘Living in the shadows’ : Dropkicks you into the other dimension of passions and lusts.

Stepford Wives

‘Living in the shadows’ is the follow up single to the hugely successful ‘All on Me’. The band has surged from lockdown after national TV appearance on Soccer AM, sparked massive BBC radio and major regional press coverage.

With driving guitar riffs, castigating visions of unadulterated rock vibes, the band clings to the outright majesty of fantasy and then dropkicks you into the other dimension of passions and lusts.

Soaring digital streams, and extensive radio play followed , with; BBC Radio, Wales (Janice Long) BBC Manchester, Introducing and 40+ FM and Internet radio stations across the USA, UK , Europe, and Australia all supporting the single.

Stepford Wives is made up of Niklos Jackson (guitar, lead vocals), Rowan Heywood (bass, backing vocals), Jarrod Ogden (drums) and Dom Wint (lead guitar).


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