Stephen ‘Delilah’ : The demons will always have their claws in his flesh. There wouldn’t be a ‘blood-less’ victory.


‘Delilah’ is the new single from LA indie-electronic artist Stephen, and is the centerpiece for his upcoming album ‘Akrasia’. It touches on Stephen’s very complex and personal struggle with drugs, sexuality, and expanding his sense of self.

“‘Delilah’ is the name I’ve given my shadow – my repressed, unrecognized potentials and desires,” said Stephen. “She is temptation. She is seduction. The process of getting to know her has been scary and exciting, a deep sense of self-acceptance and power reached through self-annihilation.”

Knowing thyself is the first step to freedom. And when Stephen stepped into that new world, long ago, he knew it wouldn’t be easy.

The demons will always have their claws in his flesh. There wouldn’t be a ‘blood-less’ victory. All had to be bet, and this time around, Stephen was all-in.

There was no choice. There was no going back. It was either forward, to the death of much more than physical.

The eloquence in Stephen’s single is apparent in the chaos of its expression. The personal quips, amplified into tropical storms – the anguish of knowing there’s very little leeway afforded, the stresses of existence, will be tested.

But Stephen is up for the fight.

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