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Stereo Match Shrares ‘Paralyze The Dead’. “And sometimes it’s cruel.”

‘Paralyze The Dead’ is the 2nd single from the quartet. Made up of Alisa Fedele, Zach Moon, John Pruitt, and Dan Dowsett, presents interesting grooves to interesting subject tags that slowly infest your indie mind.

“The song was written as a warm and cathartic reminder that we are more than our ideas and our expectations of ourselves,” the band emphasized.

The fun (and mummy tragic) music video takes that metaphorical exercise, and puts it into a delightful and fun abstract of what it’s like to push against a seeming un-moving wall of mishaps and unlucky situations.

Life can be like that. And sometimes it’s cruel.

Ultimately though, the summer instilled single, is a blend of fun and excitement that you will take as a cautionary tale and put it in your back pocket for future references.

After all, we all feel like a mummy, in reality, sometimes.

Let’s get it on.

See the band next at Bootleg Theater – Bar Stage, on September 16th in Los Angeles.



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