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Stereo Specter ‘Missing Time’ : Serendipitous vibes and mysteriously cognizant petulance.

Pop jam with the mostest.

Nashville based Stereo Specter’s single ‘Missing Time’ sites peculiar rhythms in masking the obvious, then amplifying the ominous. With reluctance shown in between the eagerness of the bouncy effervescence, ‘Missing Time’ delivers with quite the fun punch.

The song is about the ridiculously impossible, that can be truly probable in our hearts and minds. Whether aliens of another world, or of our emotionally distant selves, Stereo Specter inspects with a fine toothed comb, and produces warrants bound by interpretation.

The serendipitous vibes and mysteriously cognizant petulance, are waved off of the lyrical parity of ‘Missing Time’, diluted into pastes of glory and ultimate realization.

A pop jam with the mostest, ‘Missing Time’ is one of a line of fascinating offerings from this also intriguing band.

Stereo Specter is headed by Jordan Dean.

And he has lots of stories to tell.



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