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Stereorpheo // Greyshadow // poolhouse // Rohna // Elaxdy x Captain Kobro

Stereorpheo – Shchastya

STERERPHEO is “folk, indie, and a bit of Barokko and theatre – a self described genre bending” art piece that exudes confidence as it chomps off your limbs of convention. He eats it to bits. He chews it to bare and with care. Like it or not. In his latest ‘Shchastya’ brings another emblem of goodness to the fore. STEREORPHEO is just a definition of light and airy, refreshing and beautiful in its own way. It’s a head scratching enigma, really. But it works like heck, and when ‘Shchastya’ plays, the conventions and norms are thrown up into the sky, with abandon. Music as wall-art? You better believe it. Lyrics of the song comes from the collection of poem ‘The Garden of Divine Songs’ by the Ukrainian philosopher Hryhoriy Skovoroda – a thinker whose monumental thinking was far ahead of his time.

Greyshadow – Illusions

“I had a lot of song-ideas to chose for my first single. They all very different. I decided to take this one, because I always wanted to make and release Psychedelic-Music. I was inspired very much by the music from the 60s and bands like Mild High Club, Mac de Marco or Tame Impala. I started to jam around with some chords and immediately had the right melodies and effects for the recording in my head.” Gregor Wessely is the mind behind GREYSHADOW. Mix of ethereal, with sprinklings of the vocal 90’s, the indie project is hauntingly comforting in ‘Illusions’. Odd feelings, mix to make a cohesion of rumors to new levels, indeed.

poolhouse – acid song

Yep. poolhouse is very becoming and just sticks to your ribs like a hearty BBQ lunch. ‘Acid Song’ is another one of their goodness form their latest LP ‘Moon River Rock’ and it jams and demands of your attention. Alex Standish, Sam Halstead, and Benjamin Browning, together are poolhouse and the influence over their music from different spectrums of the industry is evident. Lovely psyche bops and ballads of shimmer keeps their audience at anchor to their tunes of relationships and of pertinent eloquence. They are London based and they deliver.

Rohna – Blood Moon

Rohna is a 4 piece band made up of four best friends from Tampa, Florida with roots in classic rock, neo soul, punk, alternative and psychedelic rock. Rohna’s recordings carry the same passion and authenticity as their live performances, allowing listeners to connect and engage on a more personal level. “”As our third single it widens the spectrum of sound we explore, finding balance between a dreamy and driving tone.” Indeed. With their successful previous single already released, the quartet brings the solemn and humble beginnings of life in Florida, off of the reflection for what the world that’s to come.

Elaxdy x Captain Kobro – It’s Not the Youth

“Last Tuesday, my friend Captain Kobro and I met for a few beers and started talking about our different styles of making music. Though we never have collaborated before, suddenly randomly this happened.” Odd how things work out sometimes in our day to day. Sometimes we get the best sandwich we’d ever had. Sometimes we get to make a song that matters. It matters because the artist breathes life into the genre, or non-genre. ELAXDY’s latest is of the latter. The fit and finish of this underrated synth demolition is a crying meow of the sultriest winters. And it’s here. It’s done. It’s for the records. Aliens of a different world, will judge by this audible waves of goodness.


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