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Stereorpheo – Duma

Folk, indie, and a bit of Barokko and theatre – a self described genre bending offering of styles is what defines STEREORPHEO’s single ‘Duma’. It’s dark, odd, weird, brooding, and the art-folk single, dipped in some mulit-dimensional hard-rock goodness, is menacing to the bone. You want to roll around and get punched? ‘Duma’ is the song to do it. From the middle of the song, industrial and metal coincide, having babies of intended consequences. The song is ‘heavy’ and very much expressive. Are you in? This is an international project linking artists in Kiev Ukraine and Paris France.

Therapy Dog – Keeping Up Appearances

Melbourne based THERAPY DOG is a project of Joshua Hicks. And through ‘Keeping Up Appearances’, we’d been transported to another realm, a decade of the past, which still lives within all of us. The strung out guitar licks to solo, and the angst ridden vocals of Joshua, is a trip up to a time when emotions were worn proudly on the songwriter’s sleeves. Dangling, exposed, and deeply wounded, the artist proudly offers up his most vulnerable, for all to judge. Some do, and some become his fans, for it’s what we can relate to, and see in ourselves. THERAPY DOG is exactly that. Joshua’s latest debut EP ‘Spilling Milk and Getting Ants’ is available now.

zak235 – Like the Moon over the Lake

We listened to zak235’s single ‘Like The Moon Over The Lake’ and we reminisced of the guitar works of Eric Johnson. Technically, of course, are in different realms, but from the aesthetic and emotional carriage, the jazzy-rock works infused in 80’s synth, makes us turn and take a look. The construction of the instrumental is much more layered and interesting that you’d suspect. The vibe of love and loss is embedded to the song’s core, and it’s a pretty sight to adhere. zak235 is based in Aachen, Germany.

Austin Bullock – Express Yourself With Dollar Bills

AUSTIN BULLOCk released his latest debut solo album ‘Step 1 Explode’ (available now). And off of that album, this little gem of a single named ‘Express Yourself With Dollar Bills’ lives within it. And with this, single, blues, rock, and an undaunted indie vibe is expressed to the fullest. First, listen to the solo. It’s glorious. The right amount of fuzz, tuned to the background of jammy riffs, dictate the face distorting pureness we feel listening to it. We just wanted more and more, and Austin’s going to make a mark in the industry. Refreshing and delightful, his EP is fabulous as well. Watch out world.

the scary jokes – Community Gardens (feat. Louie Zong)

THE SCARY JOKES is the project of Liz. And she’s a totally talented singer/songwriter and musician/producer out of New Jersey. And our fellow neighbor, makes a Hulk like dent into music, with her songs. ‘Community Gardens’ is just the beginning. Go and listen to her latest 16 song album, and from indie-pop, pop, and to drama-theater/doo-wop, she covers all the genres (no matter which) to perfection. Each single is its own distinct world, a planet for princes and princesses to live out their fantasies in kind. With the best traditions of artist like Modest Mouse, The Pixies, The Shins, but presented in the soft-core of Erasure, Depeche Mode at times, the unrelenting majesty of the arrangements makes our jaws drop with joy. Ironic? Nope. For realz.

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