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Stèv // HellKey // Driver405 // Double Am I // Oscuro

Stèv – Cheap Monogatari

Multi-instrumentalist, producer and sound designer from Italy, Stèv, explores “the different sides between instrumental and electronic”. The single ‘Cheap Monogatari’ relies on the looping chants, certainly exploring, the various angles of reflection. Catatonic in one sense, enlightened in another, this single exemplifies then denigrates the tortured memes of the heart and the heart’s inquisitive inaptitude in emotions. A shy, and contrasting assertion of gratitude in design and personal reliance.

HellKey feat Dramio – Swirling Emotions

HELLKEY is the project of Franky! The producer, vocalist, keyboardist, mixes multiple genres and sub-genres to concoct his own brew of benevolent and intoxicatingly different take on what music should be. With a deep and aggressive style to his productions, the Italian multi-instrumentalist (now based in Norway), has an interesting intuition for the bizarre. But when you listen to ‘Swirling Emotions’ (featuring Dramio), there’s more going on than just being ‘different’. HELLKEY is a connoisseur of such prevalence in this world, working more than one genre, he elevates to a higher power, digging and reviving, inter-planetary attempts at the monolithic.

Driver405 – Burnout

Out of the darkness the night-rider emerged. And it was Driver405. Sleek and mysterious, the shadow of the night, drives for us all, with justice in his mind and empathy for a better world. In his custom ride, the highways are his second home, as the midnight lights, skirt past in conjunctive sequence. He reaches out to his co-pilot, hand in hand, then he changes gear to 5th, accelerating at the speed of sound. The night has no chance against Driver405’s ‘Burnout’. Broderskab is Driver405 the artist is included in a the tasty EP treat named ‘Electron’ (collective offering from 5 distinctive electro artists). And in it is Driver405’s ‘Burnout’, a step ahead, but never hurried. This synth/retro-wave deliciousness has all of the elements that makes this sub-genre so attractive. So, what will be next? We can’t wait to find out about their next exciting offering. Let’s get heroic.

Double Am I – Allure

The Texas based producer dips into the world of math-pop, drenched in this surly manifestation of a calm and repeated digital reluctance. The mix of pop sensibilities and electronica, renders you quiet as the pinging of the notes, rattle without humming, and the notions of the single, tangle with your inner contrasts, deeply in confusion. You ask of yourself the questions you’d never knew you wanted to ask. A simple, stripped down offering that is surprisingly apropos and consuming. DOUBLE AM I stated: “It was meant as a track to relax to.” Certainly indeed.

Oscuro – I’ll Be There

Varied, sensual, resistant – ‘I’ll Be There’ is the latest from the formidable OSCURO. EDM protectorate and purveyor of sound that evoke the uncounted emotions of our hearts, and Universal continuum, the beautifully laid out single injects further OSCURO’s relevance within the musical expanse. “Supporting someone close through a difficult time” is a promise that is both heavy and dedicated. It is a promise of things to come, when you’re seemingly down and out. It is the lending hand and shoulder to cry on, when there’s seems to be nothing left to defend. “I wanted to have a contrast between the main beat with atmospherics and a more powerful bass heavy section,” continued OSCURO, whom continues his flight as his hits roll on.


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