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Stevan // Jake Edwards // Pétra // Valerie Warntz // Timmy Beep

Stevan – LNT

Stevan said: “I wrote ‘LNT’ in a terminal just before leaving Brisbane airport earlier this year. The song captures some fun moments I had in the Sunshine Coast – great weather, nice music, and even better company.” Australian multi-instrumentalist, producer and singer Stevan is 17 years old and have heaps of talent. Pop and dream-vibes commingle easily through the membrane of love and relationships when he sings. Charming, adorable, accessible, unobtrusive, the maturation of Stevan’s writing is something to experience.

Jake Edwards – Breath Love

JAKE EDWARDS is a Denver artist, producer, and engineer. His pop estuaries of glamor just pours out with ease in ‘Breath Love’. The harmonies are beautifully expressed, with ample vibes of obsession, and melodies of what infatuation could be/should be. As Jake’s gritty edges of his voice, comes to the point of utter passion, you feel it – you feel how it was when you were in love, this much. Let’s live it again.

Pétra (Anenon + Chantal Chadwick) – Aunis

Pétra is a new collaborative music project with Brian Allen Simon (aka Anenon) and Chantal Chadwick at the helm. Their debut album ‘Anuis’ will drop this September 20th, and this title track you can hear what’s up with their offering. The contentious reflection between light, and sound, and shades of pensive existence, permeate with fervor in each note. The electronica beckons as the overarching resistance poignantly radiate, in arm’s length.

Valerie Warntz – Ca$h

Something that we all want more of. Something that we are desperately short of. Something that will supposedly makes us happier, in the short term. What is ‘Ca$h’, for $1000 Alex. 21 years old singer-songwriter, Valerie Warntz’s sound is unique to say the least. We think it’s that brain of her’s that is significantly talented. The work that she demonstrates, are particular in focus and succinct. But boy, do they know how to get the point across. Valerie said that in hard times, her music kept her sane and in the moment for better things. We believe it. Odd pauses, delectable loops, organic electronic vibes that draw you in. Word.

Timmy Beep – Love Birds (Eightecs Remix)

Timmy Beep is songwriter Tim Barnsley-Parfitt’s artist project. Tim lives in Birmingham in the UK. Tim said: “‘Love Birds’ is a song sung by a guy about his ex and his ex’s new boyfriend who everyone thinks look so great together. After a breakup, especially one that isn’t amicable, I think you really really need some time apart. And I know from personal experience that that is not always possible! So it’s a story of discovery and reflection on the relationship with the ex in that context.” EIGHTECS’ remix of this is synth and new wave and just decadently exciting to listen to. Tim added: “It really complements the song and bangs hard in the drop. I love it so much.” We all should. Listen to the expert notes, deep electronica bass, and key work. It just works, like high heaven.


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