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Steve Benjamins Shares ‘A Little Kindness To Sit Beside’. “A thought, for a thought.”

STEVE BENJAMINS’ songs are unbridled, unhurried, calm, and very much about the here and now. We’d stated in a prior song that his play is “where the heart beats a bit stronger… gives a tinge of significance to our lives, and manifests deliberately with a ‘touch’ of our shoulder – in understanding comfort.”

His latest ‘A Little Kindness To Sit Beside’ is that charm personified and continued.

Steve stated: “The song is in gratitude for good things: for bodies, for lakes, for kindness, for time. Life can be confusing and uncertain— but I’d like to learn to resolve the mystery of life with gratitude.”

So far he’s been pumping out song after song, with four EPs and 9 singles to his name. And there’s little notice that he’ll be slowing down.

Emphatic and anthemic with gentle sweeps of very intimate lyrical touches and arrangement deliciousness, Steve, does it with style and beauty with this ballad of significance.

His 2018 5 song EP ‘Manhood’ is available now. Hear it again, for the first time.



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