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Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes Shares ‘Change of Heart’. “Crisis in observation. Valiant and dynamic.”

Tilde Hansen, Siri Sjöberg, Elias Mahfoud, and Edvin Arleskär are some of the musical folks we’d come to love through their bodies of work. And with their project STEVE BUSCEMI’S DREAMY EYES, they continue to fabulously represent the odd and the valiant, in their form and function of their music.

The indie-pop band from Sweden is a dynamic group of men and women doing their damnedest to achieve something that we regular folks just sometimes cannot.

There are times in life when things just don’t go the way you’d like. There are times when even when things go ‘right’, it feels as unsatisfying as that bland dish of steamed broccoli. The moments of harshness, blend in with the small patches of happiness, graying out the highlights and driving your sanity into a gross mis-representation of what it could have done.

But by that time, you don’t care to seek it out any longer.

STEVE BUSCEMI’S DREAMY EYES is that re-injection of ‘flavor’ to that dull and steamed dish of vegetable. An extended circumstance, in sought fairness, your eyes bounce with glee and preponderance, as the spectrum of deliciousness, re-enter your mind.

Your heart.

Your soul.

Slow and methodical, ‘Change Of Heart’ is a political observation from the band and unlike their past singles, is a statement of what they think should be for the good of all.

Lyricist and singer Siri Sjöberg stated: “I wrote the song last winter when there was a governmental crisis in Sweden. It’s up to each listener to interpret the lyrics but it’s definitely about Swedish politics.”

Flavor, injected, when you least expected it.

The different direction from the band is refreshing and certainly bolsters their reputation for dynamism.

And we salute that like nobody’s business.

Change is good.



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