Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes ‘Destination’ : Acceleration of creativity and wavy arrangements of their song, make it a party.

Steve Buscemi's Dreamy Eyes / Photo: Nanna Han

Off of LP ‘Sweetie’, the band with the oddly attractive name, gets you dancing when you thought you’d never wanna again. But these talented folks in Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes deliver sophistication through combination of tactful musical styles, individual ramblings of tightly woven instrumentals, and of course, confounding-ly deliberate story telling.

Siri Sjöberg, Tilde Hansen, Elias Mahfoud and Edvin Arleskär makes our ribs tickle with joy when they play in our minds, and in our hearts.

“It feels impossible to not portray the future. The album is a concoction of stories from our lives – what it means to be young today, with the challenges and dreams we have ahead of us. The songs are collections and fragments of thoughts about our future, what we can, should and want to do. We have written simple and we have written challenging. And we have finally landed in a collection of songs that formed our album. Our first. Sweetie.” They are a sweetness that is of utter compulsion. Just want to have more and more, as they weave their tales of onus and compelling dream-works.

The rhythmic chants, to the harmonies galore, and tied down with the wispy largeness of the vocals, to the finalizing guitar solos – the band’s acceleration of creativity and wavy arrangements of their song, make it a party, where ever shower you with goodness.

Dance. Dance like you want to, yo.

Yes. Will do.

LP ‘Sweetie’ is dang fine. It’s available now.


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