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Steve Garvin – If I Could See You Now

“Bedroom pop song written, recorded, mixed by yours truly about really messing up a good thing with a person who lives in another city, such that they don’t let you know they’re in town the next time, and asking “Wouldn’t you want to see me?” Born 1990 in Winfield, Illinois and currently residing in Brooklyn, the talents of Steve Garvin is under recognized. The stylings as the white doves that fly out into the expanse, the Beatles-esque vibes of goodness and gentleness, bounce off the walls of individual solitude. The classic chord progressions are just too beautiful to listen to, so you listen to them again. And as Steve’s altogether floral vocals, expand upon your senses, you ask yourself, “Wouldn’t you want to see Steve?” Growing up he would borrow from his older brother’s music collection, discovering bands such as The Beach Boys, Kraftwerk, and the American Analog Set. Picked up guitar at age 19 and started to learn surf rock classics and songs by Real Estate, Girls, and Surfer Blood. Shortly thereafter, he set out to learn the craft of songwriting, and soon became a disciple of John Lennon.

Harry Mold – Python

Londoner Harry Mold returns with his brand new single, the blistering indie rock anthem ‘Python’. Yes. You’re about to be scorched by the rock vibes that razor slices your attitudes. ‘Python’ is the follow up to Harry’s explosive debut single ‘Drain’, which was released in June this year. Produced by Mold and Steph Marziano it was an incredibly powerful opener from this exciting new talent. The artist who was born in Basildon, and his life so far, is exactly where he’d want to be. In his confidence, you can feel his authenticity in songs such as ‘Python’. Sometimes ol’ school rock coming from a fresh talent can feel ‘cheap’. But not from Harry. The leather is tight, and an even tighter production, his chords sing and resonate with instant satisfaction. “I have the confidence to go onstage in front of 90,000 people,” said Harry. “I’d do it tomorrow. I love the effect I have on people when I’m onstage, the adrenaline is insane, being vulnerable in front of all those people…” Word.

FRYDSTADS MARKISER – Nobody Knows We`re Watching All These Tv Shows

LYRICS: “Wise people are talking about politics and the economy. And I don’t like working, or watching silly news. I just want to hang around with you. And stay up late just to watch some stupid Tv show, put on old clothes. Nobody knows we`re watching all these Tv shows. Chores makes me tired, like promises and commitments. If you tell me I got work tomorrow I might never wake up. Or maybe I`ll fake sick, or disappear. I want to stay home and watch some stupid Tv show, put on old clothes. Nobody knows we`re watching all these TV shows.” Frydstads Markiser is the project of Jørgen Frydstad. The Norwegian artist with the quirk and fabulous talents, makes ‘fan favorite’ songs like this. Danceable and forever adorable, it brings the project’s absolute humor into the realm of seriously real and unadulterated vigor. Jørgen is one of faves at the moment, and will continue to be. From the beat-bop guitar presentation to geek-life t-shirt song construction – his talents are our listening ears’ joy. Should be yours too.

Jon Martin and Lovers – Young Hearts

Jon Martin and Lovers is a gang of pals from southern Alberta that got together in 2019 to make a hazy blend of Alt-Country, Americana, and British pop music. Big sound, stadium presence, indie-folk rockin’ goodness – the band has it all going for it. Success is imminent. Jon had the idea for the band in early-2019 after a bout of inspiration yielded pages full of songs calling out to be recorded. Realizing a special combination of musicians was needed to bring the songs to life, he reached out to a few friends he had worked with in past and met along the path. Joel Grey (guitar, slide guitar, vocals), Jason Oakes (guitar, vocals), Max Hopkins (keyboards, vocals), and Paul Holden (bass) were recruited and Jon Martin and Lovers was formed. Instant love is what you get with Jon Martin And Lovers. See this fab band next @ Owl Acoustic Lounge, Lethbridge Alberta, on October 18th.

Ben Fox Smith – Birth in the Morning

Off of his newest solo album ‘Taciturn Lanzerac’ (available now), comes another fab single ‘Birth In The Morning’. Ben, at just 17 Ben signed to Big Cat Records (Pavement, Grandaddy) as the singer-songwriter for Stony Sleep (Peel sessions) and produced two seminal albums which took them around the globe. After Big Cat was sold to V2 Ben formed Serafin and signed to Taste Media (Muse) and made an acclaimed album with Dave Sardy (Soulwax, Dandy Warhols). This single is a sultry and brooding cinematics of sound and body. The underbelly of the tone, belies the overarching attitude of the song. It bellows with Ben’s brand of vocal calm and contrasts with harmony. It rides along with fabulous undulations, in lyric and shimmer. See Ben next for Bright Nights • E2 @ Old George in London UK, December 5th.


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