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Steve Marino // Jake Merritt // The Settlement // Angela Aux // Will Knox

Steve Marino – Fluff

Slip and sliding from this consciousness or that, you disguise your personal guilt for all of the things that belie the sanctity that is inherent within. Comfort in pain, and never dismissive of it, your restless heart moves physically to a different tune. You follow its beating drums, and suddenly you find yourself to be in wholly decadent but purely attractive dimension. You lose sight of the hierarchy and again restrain to the painful norms of the past, that you were familiar. There wasn’t anyone who made you this way. Not directly, anyway. STEVE MARINO’s ‘Fluff’ dispatches old notions, or at least guards against bringing it up again. For the past is the past, but it will always try to relive within you, no matter where you move to. So, you must move forward, running if you can, for excitement and interests that open you heart and mind. Well, at least that’s what we feel about ‘Fluff’. It’s a motivator, in a delicate form. The charm is stupendously obvious.

Jake Merritt – “Opting Out”

“I would like people to know that I made this album for me, because I had to.” A rebel at heart, JAKE MERRITT takes dis-emboweled thoughts of challenges and assembles them back to where he could understand…where all of us can understand. Re-interpreting the rules of the game, dangers of the un-initiated, clash with glamor but never the less, confuse with the basics being wrong. No one else can be the definition of YOU. Only you have the key to make it better – you kind of ‘betterment’. Sorrow can be happiness. Pain can be pleasure. Conquest can be secession. You embark and impart wisdom with no restrictions or a clamoring for the one who’d gotten away… the YOU that had gotten away. Twisted in the willows of the mind, you reel as you cry forth into the never and ever. Don’t be alone. You’re not alone. Look for Jake’s debut full-length in the coming months.

The Settlement – Take It Slow

Calvano, Bakesy, Matty, Harry, and Jim offers ‘Take It Slow’. Reflected from the looking glass, you are not who you seem to be, any longer. And when THE SETTLEMENT demonstrates the collapsing struggle within through this thoughtful single, we seek to look a bit more responsibly to the world we embody. Our futures are of our own doing; making the roads that lead to the rights we’d gained. Ride the winds of what carried you to this point, and your trust for the goodness of the now and the upcoming possibilities will shine. This single shines, with a fervent positivity that shimmers as a smile from your crush. Zesty symbolism drive you onwards, as the gang in THE SETTLEMENT recants the past, and keeps us focused.

Angela Aux – Killer Kid

This beautiful tapestry of folk is by ANGELA AUX, and is a project that is clear and is clinically pure. From the bottom to the top, AA explained: “Couldn’t sleep the other night, got up and sat down on the kitchen floor to watch the stars through the window. Made me calm and mellow. After a while I could take the sleepless night as a gift. Words would arise and a few minutes later I fetched my guitar and started to strum a simple chord pattern… When I listen to it now it’s like a message I should have told myself a long time before, but I guess it still was the right moment anyhow.” Poetry and writing is at the center of ANGELA AUX and his offerings. To the core, ‘Killer Kid’ is hardcore, with delectable descriptions of self-realizations, depictions of shadows, and formulations in contradictions. You are who you are, as they say, but that doesn’t mean that you cope all the way through. We all move on, though.

Will Knox – Beliche

Out of the darkness, WILL KNOX reached out for your salvation. With his music, he clutches at the chances of you, him, all of us in a collective attribution. Of self and of loves yet to be told, ‘Beliche’ delivers with the heft of the heavens, with toned brooding of Will’s vocals and hauntingly poignant relegation for the seemingly unreachable. The single is off of his ‘Little Holylands’ EP and: “The record is a collection of stories since I moved back from New York [back to London]. Some of the toughest journeys in this process have been mental, while other songs are about the people and places that are sacred in my life.” Will, now based out of Haarlem, Netherlands the singer/songwriter adds to the familiar and always welcomed vibe of the traditions exhibited by Bear’s Den, Field Music, Will hits with substantive vigor with overwhelmingly understated grit.


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