Steven Blane ‘Sweet Dreams’ : Brings all of the world to a standstill as the vibes engage with your listening delight.

Steven Blane

A break up often leads to doubt. Did I do the right thing? Did I just let go of the best relationship I ever had? ‘Sweet Dreams’ is about that doubt. Steven Blane is a Pop-Americana Jazz infused chill electro pop Singer-Songwriter who plays guitar, piano and ukulele.

The Huffington Post wrote, “Stylistically, Blane fits in the Americana category. But there’s more going on in his music than simply Americana. There’s a pop influence in there, along with a 1950’s rock vibe that gives his sound a unique signature. It’s much different from the usual run-of-the-mill stuff most bands turn out today.”

Prior to that, Steven released four other albums. ‘I Confess’ was produced by White Heart core member Billy Smiley and recorded in Nashville, and his Lake Worth, Florida recorded-in-a-shed album, “The Shed Sessions” received excellent reviews and airplay on Radio Stations across the country.

The beautiful Clapton-like vocal depth and warmth, brings all of the world to a standstill as the vibes of Steven’s will, engage with your listening delight.


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