Steven Bruce ‘Rhinestoned’ : Long tradition, with a modern twist and uniqueness that is undoubtedly Steven Bruce.

Steven Bruce

“I came home from work one evening, back when there was a ‘normal routine,’” Steven Bruce told American Songwriter in regards to the ‘Rhinestoned’ origins. “I checked the mail on the way in, fed my cats and cleaned their litter box, cooked dinner, etc. I had gotten all my chores done for the evening and was ready to kick back and relax. I threw Gram Parsons’ album GP onto the turntable and kicked back with some potent goodies to help unwind. ”

“Somewhere between ‘Still Feeling Blue’ and ‘We’ll Sweep Out the Ashes in the Morning’ I began to open the mail. One of the items ended up being this vintage western style rhinestone pearl snap shirt. My cats were also getting curious at this point and I remember looking down at ‘Emmylou’, my female cat, and saying ‘Man, I’m really getting Rhinestoned tonight.’ I wrote this song as a reminder to myself that no matter how sad and down things can get you have to keep a certain amount of focus on yourself and strive each day to find ways to be a better person and to always work on a better version of yourself.”

Long ago, the Virginia native strummed some of his first songs in his grandparents’ living room, performing Merle Haggard covers and other country classics for two of the most influential figures in his life.

Now, he continues the long tradition, with a modern twist and uniqueness that is undoubtedly Steven Bruce.

In ‘Rhinestoned’, Steven finds a balance between melancholy and resilience, occupying the same fertile middle ground as many of his country favorites.

“Everyone grieves differently,” the songwriter admits. “I want this record to serve as a tribute to my grandparents, and a tribute to myself for making it through what I thought were the worst times of my life.”



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