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Steve’s 9th Incarnation // Beerjacket // The Collier // Twin Replica // Mo Klé

Steve’s 9th Incarnation – Numbers

“I was preparing what was perhaps in hindsight an aspirational plan to set up a beachfront studio in Asia,” said STEVE. “I had a few songs kicking around and came up with the idea of making something to bookend the previous 15 years or so of making music in London, recording everyone who I’d worked with during that time.” The warmth attributable to this talented artisan is more than warranted. And in his expected debut album (drops Dec/Jan 2019), there should be gold, guaranteed.

Beerjacket – Nervous

A body of work from love and devotion, BEERJACKET’s upcoming album ‘Silver Cords’ delves into sorrow, love, personal conversations, outer expectations. And if ‘Nervous’ is any indication, poignancy will come with the package. “At some point in the writing of Silver Cords, I decided the record would live in a book and that each song would be accompanied by a short story inspired by its lyrics.” The album drops November 23rd, 2018.

The Collier – Falling Out Of The Bed

We haven’t felt this refreshed with a single like we have with ‘Falling Out Of Bed’ in a long time. Offering the best traditions of Brit-indie-rock, the quartet of Joshua Hixson, Shaun Bowie, George Rutherford and Ellis Davis brings to fore, the exhilaration of emotions with radiant guitar driven structures. It’s a return to indie-rock that was overdue. Looking forward to more from them in 2019.

Twin Replica – Crystal

TWIN REPLICA returns to us with another fabulous synth-driven morsel of emotions, packed tight and with fervor for the passions that lie just underneath our skin. The duo of Leigh Taylor and Melanie Austin make up this dynamic combo, and they never disappoint. Emotive expositions of raw vibes, singed in scars of acrimony but defeated by ultimate salvation, encapsulates what the band is all about. And it’s glorious.

Mo Klé – Mercenary

Mo Klé is René Grünenfelder and he writes songs of the heart with dashes of bittersweet sentiments, prescribed by atmospherics inherent in our inner dialogue. The Swiss artisan offers his newest single ‘Mercenary’ that is driven by the beautiful sounds of the strings, it explores the ‘feelings of wasting your life for the ideals of others’. A predicament all of us find ourselves, in one capacity or another, for sure. This folk song is filled to the brim with hope and expectations. And it’s gorgeous. Expect his new EP ‘Fighter In The Sky’ at end of January 2019.


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